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Corrugated Overview

Corrugated is the most widely used material for packaging. Its versatility and functionality make it the logical choice for most packaging needs. Whether your product is big - heavy - small - fragile - complex - simple - or simply a "work of art" - CORRUGATED PACKAGING the IPC way is the answer to your packaging, marketing and product distribution needs

Shipping Containers

Almost everything you buy gets to market in a corrugated container often referred to by people outside of the industry as the cardboard or brown box. This "brown box" is the backbone of the corrugated industry.

At IPC you get a team of knowledgeable people continuously focused on the customers' needs, not only thinking "about the box" but also "outside the box". We can make virtually any container style that you can imagine. We think of the brown box as a "delivery system" that provides all the unique attributes to protect, contain and deliver your valuable products to market! There is much more to the brown box than meets the eye.

Retail Boxes

Stop…turn…look…3 seconds…maybe 5…that's all you have to catch their eye. When it comes to Point of Sale there's not a lot of give. You either make the sale happen or you don't. But making it happen doesn't happen by accident. IPC's team of experts will work closely with your marketing team to give you the best possible position in the retail environment.

Using your advertising dollars as close to the cash register as possible will give you the biggest bang for your marketing dollar. That's what IPC's Point-of-Sale "POS" packaging can do for you.

At IPC we design POS packaging with your customers (the retailer and the consumer) in mind!

Point of Purchase Displays

We call these POP displays. They help place your product in the store and provide the consumer with a preferred location to purchase, at the same time that they are being informed and stimulated to buy the product. Stores love POP displays because they are a proven way to help sell product and expand sales space for the retailer. And, it's sales space that really pops!

As our customers call upon us to do more and more of their retail packaging, year after year, we continue to grow our POP business…and that of our customers!

Printing Capabilities

With IPC and its printing capabilities, you can express your company's personality, your product's attributes, and your marketing pitch, any way you want. At IPC we offer the entire gamut of printing capabilities. Our design professionals will help you explore the various ways you can graphically enhance the appeal of your packaging. They will help you find the most cost effective option that sells your products the best.

Flexographic Direct Print (Flexo)

Flexographic direct print is the most commonly used printing option for corrugated products. It is economical, flexible and provides you with quality packaging and presents your product in an excellent fashion.

With flexographic printing from IPC you get a resolution of upto 60 lines per inch and upto six colors including acqueous and UV coatings. It is an excellent choice if you are looking for printing and graphics that are economical while still providing excellent visual appeal.

Lithographic Printing (Litho)

This option presents your product to the consumer and seizes the power of merchandising through high impact graphics. Lithographic printing provides near photographic quality and is a terrific option for smaller runs where flexibility in copy is a must. It is also well-suited for your high volume needs where a manufacturing process known as single-face lamination is used.

Internal Packaging Inserts

Products and Benefits

Manufacturing/Material Handling Trays

Manufacturing/Material Handling Trays provide sizable savings over plastic and metal and are designed to your product's specifications.

Solid corrugated pads

In a variety of shapes and sizes, solid corrugated pads are available for internal packaging to protect your product inside your package.

Folded corrugated pads

Folded corrugated pads are lightweight, yet provide excellent support for products and for filling space.

Edge and corner pads

Edge and corner pads are designed to protect your package both inside and outside.

Die cut pads

Die cut pads provide cushion and placement for your package that supports and secures your products during shipping and handling.

Assembled packaging pads

Assembled packaging pads arrive ready to be inserted into your package to secure, cushion and protect your product.

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Folding Cartons

This packaging is used for small boxes or displays. It provides an excellent surface for printing and offers endless design and style possibilities.

Regardless of the size of your product, our presses can provide flawless printing up to six colors, including inline aqueous coatings. In addition to the finest printing, IPC also delivers fast response on everything from prototypes to proofs, and we will strive to meet your required delivery dates. We can provide fast delivery thanks to Thermal Computer-to-Plate, which eliminates the film processing and stripping steps; as an added bonus, the process also brings noticeably sharper resolution to the printing process.

  • High-speed six-color sheet fed presses
  • Accent metallic coating
  • Accent metallic coating
  • Aqueous and UV coating
  • Scoring & Folding
  • Foil stamping
  • Embossing
  • Stitching, Collating, & Gluing
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Fabricated Foam

Foamed plastics are used for cushioning and protection typically for encasing products inside of boxes. They are good for shock dampening as well. Fabricated Foam uses a variety of materials such as polyethylene foam, polyurethane foam, polystyrene, Styrofoam, etc. Each material has unique benefits and is suited to different needs.

No foam is too complicated or too simple when it comes to protecting your package. IPC understands the importance of your package. We are committed to making our custom foam design the best possible solution for your packaging needs. Our foam technicians ensure all factors have been taken into consideration before your package is ready to be transported.

Let IPC PROTOTYPE packaging for your product! IPC has expert design capabilities for custom interior packaging requiring foam or corrugated inserts.

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  • All partitions are custom made without die charges to our customers.
  • Partitions are sets of fiberboard or corrugated strips which are cut, slotted and assembled to form a number of cells.
  • The number of cells equals the arrangement: 4 x 3: 12 cells, 10 x 5: 50 cells.
  • The cell size is measured from the center of one slot to the center of the next slot.
  • The cell size for a fiberboard partition is the part size plus 1/16" (length + width)
  • The cell size for a corrugated partition is the part size plus 3/16" (length + width)
  • The cell size height typically equals the height of the part being packaged.
  • Air cells are end cells which do not hold product. They are usually smaller than the cell size and used primarily to form a protective cushion between the inner wall of a carton and the part being packaged.
  • Air cells can also be used to take up space between a cell and a stock box or a carton in current use.
  • Below is a diagram of a partition strip with air cells
  • aircell
  • Strip length equals cell size multiplied by arrangement plus air cells
  • The strip length is typically 1/8" less than the carton box
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Mailing Tubes

Each order is customized to your specifications in diameters from 1/2" to 12", lengths to 300". Crush or moisture-resistance qualities are addressed. Edges are clean cut. Ends are either open or with closures to provide the protection you require. Easy to use for hand inserting or on-line.

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Printed Tape

Advertise your company, feature a product or highlight instructions with our custom printed carton sealing tapes. This shipping tape is a way to eliminate the imprinting of boxes. Your artwork (type and /or logo) can be printed on both gummed and polypropylene carton sealing tapes in three colors. Call for details

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Void Fill

AIR Plus
The AIRplus air cushion system

Small, easy-to-use, simple to operate - for individual packing tables or packing lines.

What is AIRplus?

AIRplus is a packing system that creates air-filled cushioning from tubular film. The air cushions are separated by perforations so that suitable lengths can be torn or cut off as required. The air cushions are used to fill any cavities in boxes and to securely package delicate items to protect them during shipping.

Particular advantages
  • Secure: Provides the highest level of protection during shipping.
  • Clean: An absolutely dust-free and optically appealing, transparent packing material.
  • Space-saving: A single pallet of tubular film is processed by more than 1,000 cubic meters of padding material by AIRplus machine. The packing unit itself requires little more space than a microwave oven.
  • Flexible: Each cushion can be individually created according to width, length, and degree of inflation, and adjust themselves to any shape.
  • Light: The low weight of the cushions saves shipping costs.
  • Environmentally friendly: The film used to create the cushions is manufactured from polyethylene and, after use, the cushions can be recycled. The cushions are also reusable, even after having been subjected to the heaviest loads.
  • Cost-effective: More economical than conventional padding and filler materials. No investment expenses for the AIRplus unit.

The AIRplus unit creates a continuous strip of air cushions according to your specifications. If desired a certain quantity of cushions can be cut automatically. The individual cushions are separated by perforations and can be separated or cut automatically as required. This permits the cushions to be produced at a central location and distributed to individual packing stations. Individual integration into existing logistics systems as well as special models are available.


PAPERplus With PAPERplus, Storopack opens entirely new possibilities based on paper in the area of padding and filling your shipping units. This allows you to achieve the goal of "single-material packing".


PAPERplus provides optimum protection against shocks, is very economical, is quickly and always readily available, molds itself to any shape, can be recycled, and can be reused.

What is PAPERplus?

PAPERplus comes in rolls of two-layer, heavy weight paper. Using the PAPERplus system developed and patented by Storopack, the paper is crumpled into mattress's of varying lengths. PAPERplus can save up to 90% storage space when compared with conventional plastic packing materials. A single pallet of paper provides approx. 36 cubic meters of fill material.

The PAPERplus system

Operation: Various programs designed to meet your specific requirements. The PAPERplus system requires only approx. 1 square meter of setup area. It is available as either a free-standing unit or as a packing table device. On request, special models can be integrated into your existing logistics processes. Storopack also offers an economical lease option for the system.

Tape Machines

Champion 700

The Champion 700-20 is a semi-automatic manually adjustable side belt drive case sealer that is built with the operator and maintenance staff in mind. Threading of the Champion 502 or 503 tape head is very simple and the head is designed to be virtually maintenance free. The quick belt speed of 77 feet per minute allows you to seal upwards of 30 boxes per minute. The 700-20 is very versatile and can be quickly adjusted to seal narrow width or short height cartons. The row of top squeezing rollers helps to keep the major flaps together, while generally keeping the carton square prior to tape application. The adjustable hand cranks allow for quick carton change over. The hand cranks can also be located on either side of the machine. This feature allows you to locate either side against a wall, while being able to maintain control of the adjustments from the opposite side. The 700-20 case sealer always comes complete with infeed and exit tables and casters. A unique feature of the 700-20 is the ability to move the head from side to side without customization to achieve off center sealing or to even add a second or third top tape head.

Champion 700-20 Features
  • Two- 502 Easy Load 2" Tape Heads (Top & Bottom Seal)
  • Pop Out and Interchangeable Tape Heads
  • Top Tape Head Can Be Repositioned For Off Centre Seal
  • Adjustable Legs from 22"-32" with Casters
  • (Custom Lengths Available)
  • Top Squeezers Properly Mate Top flaps Before Taping
  • Infeed Table (16" in Length)
  • Exit Table (16" in Length))
Minimum Carton Capacity Maximum Carton Capacity
4.75"L x 4"W x 4.75"H ˜ L x 20"W x 20"H
(Custom carton sizes available)
Electricity Required Belt Speed
120 V, 60hz, 10amp 77 Feet per minute
Machine Footprint Machine Shipping Weight
67.5"L x 33.5"W x 53.25"H
(Length includes tables)
385 lbs. (on a pallet)
  • Many Box holding devices
  • Dual top and or bottom heads for gap taping
Champion 700 RD
Champion 700 RD Features
  • 3 Possible Machine Settings: Standard Random, Memory Random and Uniform
  • Air Operated Side Belts & Double Columns
  • Large capacity with no speed penalty over other brands
  • Two- 502 Easy Load 2" Tape Heads (Top & Bottom Seal)
  • Pop Out and Interchangeable Tape Heads
  • Adjustable Legs from 26.75"-36.75" with Casters (Custom Lengths Available)
Minimum Carton Capacity Maximum Carton Capacity
4.75"L x 4"W x 4.75"H ˜ L x 24"W x 24"H
(Custom carton sizes available)
Required Service Belt Speed
120 V, 60hz, 10amp; 85PSIG @ 4CFM 77 Feet per minute
Machine Footprint Machine Shipping Weight
45.5"L x 40.5"W x 61"H
(Length does not includes optional tables)
630 lbs. (on a pallet)

Stretch Wrappers

Cousins 500

The 550 PUP is a medium use entry-level machine, ideal for companies wishing to move from hand-wrapping to automation. Increases efficiency and reduces film usage costs. Start using a PUP today and avoid injuries, back pain, fatigue and lost time.

COUSINS PACKAGING INC. Series LP 550 “PUP” manual low profile turntable (2-1/4” H) spiral stretch wrap system
  • Will wrap up to 20 loads per hour
  • Maximum load capacity 48” W x 48” L x 80” H weighing up to 3,000 Lbs
  • The Series LP 550 “Simply Better” system includes a tapered ramp for hand-operated pallet-jack loading (only available as a low profile unit)
  • Turntable speeds up to 9 RPM
  • Easy to use manual controls to power on the turntable, raise and lower film
  • Carriage (film carriage is variable speed controlled) and an E-stop button
  • Film tension is controlled manually by rotating a tensioning handle on the film carriage
  • NEMA 1 enclosure
  • First step up from hand wrapping
  • Eliminates operator fatigue
  • Eliminates back pain and lost time
  • Uses machine grade or hand wrap film
  • Increases film yield – Saves Money!
  • Relay control logic
  • Non-proprietary UL/CSA approved components
  • 3-side access ramp included
  • Electrostatic powder coated paint finish
  • Standard 115 Volt 10 Amp electrical input requirement
  • The Series 550 is protected by our standard 1-year warranty policy
  • The Series 550 is available in 3 standard versions
Model Description Production Rate Machine Dimensions including Side-Mounted Ramp Ship Wt
LP 550-M Manual 15 LPH 97"W x 85"D x 84"H -
LP 550-SA Semi-Automatic 20 LPH 97"W x 85"D x 84"H -
LP 550-SAP Semi-Automatic with ALHS photo-sye 20 LPH 97"W x 85"D x 84"H -
Cousins 2100
COUSINS PACKAGING INC. Series LP 2100 semi-automatic low profile turntable (2-1/4” H) spiral stretch wrap system
  • Will wrap up to 30 loads per hour
  • Maximum load capacity 50” W x 50” L x 80” H weighing up to 4,000 Lbs
  • Our “Rapid Thread” powered pre-stretch film delivery is one of the safest, easiest to load, and most operator-friendly systems available
  • 207% pre-stretch level – factory set (other prestretch ratios available upon request)
  • Series LP2100 “Simply Better” systems include tapered ramps for hand operated pallet-jack loading
  • Turntable speeds up to 15 RPM
  • Lowest profile turntable in this class
  • Surround deck and 36-point Maintenance-Free turntable support system
  • Film carriage descent obstruction emergency shut-off system
  • Easy to use operator controls
  • Separate top and bottom wrap counters
  • Variable speed controls for turntable and film carriage drive motors
  • Automatic load height sensor (ALHS) Photo-Eye
  • Standard industrial type push buttons
  • Relay control logic
  • NEMA 12 enclosures
  • Non-proprietary UL/CSA approved components
  • Standard 115 Volt 15 Amp electrical input requirement
  • Electrostatic powder coated paint finish
  • All Series 2100 systems are protected by our standard 3-year warranty policy
  • Many standard options are available to adapt the Series 2100 to most applications
  • Special options are available upon request
Model Description Production Rate Machine Dimensions including Side-Mounted Ramp Ship Wt
LP2100 Signal Turntable 30 LPH 100"W x 96"D x 83"H 1,580 Lbs
LP2100-DT Dual Turntable 40 LPH 222"W x 96"D x 83"H 2,600 Lbs
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  • paper_plus
  • champion

Paper Bags

Many large municipalities are banning plastic bags. Is your company compliant?


  • May no longer distribute single use plastic bags.
  • Paper bags must be at least 40% post-consumer and 100% recyclable.
  • Must have printed on the paper bag: recycled content, manufacturer and country manufactured in.
  • Must charge $0.10 per bag.
  • Exemptions usually only apply to: produce bags, dry cleaner bags and plastic bags for pre-made carry-out foods.
  • Small businesses are NOT exempt.


  • All of our paper bags are at least 40% post consumer and 100% recyclable.
  • Compliant bags come in Natural Kraft and Natural White.
  • Can print up to 3 colors, 100% coverage at no extra charge.
  • NO COST FOR FREIGHT on the first order.
recycle chart

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Value Added Service

Package Consulting and Testing

At your request and at no cost to your company, our packaging specialists can evaluate your packaging material and processes and make recommendations towards using the optimum packaging material for your products with the ultimate goal of improving your bottom line. We consider the following in our recommendations:

  • Increased sales
  • Labor savings
  • Productivity gains
  • Material savings
  • Efficient handling methods
  • Greater package strength
  • Reduced product damage
Custom Corrugated Boxes Delivered Next Day

Call in an order for a custom size and receive the full shipment the next day most likely before noon

Warehousing programs

The Machinery that is used to produce corrugated and chipboard packaging is expensive. Part of the cost of a box is the cost of the time that it takes to set up a machine. Moreover there are discounts that can be obtained when larger quantities of paper and corrugated board are procured. It is due to these factors that the prices of boxes go lower as the quantity of each run goes higher.

At IPC we can help our clients take advantage of volume discounts without taking delivery of the full quantity ordered in one shipment. We will produce up to a 90 day supply for you and hold it in our warehouse. We will deliver at your request, and bill you for only the quantity delivered. The advantages to our clients are as follows:

  • Lower pricing because of larger quantity manufactured
  • Saved warehouse space
  • Next day delivery of custom boxes
  • Improved cash flow
Design service

Our award winning designer engineers have the experience, know how and access to a state of the art design center that’s second to none. This facility utilizes the latest Computer Aided Design and Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAD-CAM) software, and manufacturing machines to quickly and accurately design the best packaging for your product.

Our design specialists consider a multitude of areas including the fragility of the product, the shipping environment such as small parcel or pallet loads, storage time and warehouse stacking requirements, environmental conditions such as temperature and humidity, and any type of printing requirements to name a few.

With this information, their skills, and the design tools they possess, you can rest assured we will come up with the best possible packaging solution that fits your needs and your budget.

We can also provide you with a full mocked-up prototype with graphics.

Volume Optimization

By using our state of the art software we can help you reduce packaging and transportation costs by 5-20%. Key benefits include:

  • Reduce transportation costs by optimizing Case Size and Pallet Pattern configuration to ship most products per truck or container.
  • Calculate Compression/Stacking Strength to determine best board grade.
  • Graphic Reports show how to package and load products.
  • Advanced 3D graphics to show products as packaged and shipped.