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Imperial Paper Company was founded in 1963. It is a family owned enterprise which emphasizes a team concept in its operation. Each member of the team is an expert in his or her field and therefore highly valuable and an integral part of the success of the company.

Case Studies

Case Studies

IPC assists cosmetics manufacturer in saving Revlon as client.

We were approached by a contract manufacturer of cosmetics to manufacture some very intricate folding cartons within a week.

This company had been awarded a contract by Revlon to manufacture lipsticks 6 weeks prior to contacting us. Revlon had also supplied specifications for packaging and a deadline for delivery. The initial test order was for 2,000,000 lipsticks with the understanding that there would be a long term contract if the test run were to be successful.

Our client had contacted 2 box companies prior to approaching us. Each company had assured them that they would be able to manufacture the boxes per Revlon’s specifications only to realize they were not able to glue them once they got to the gluing operation. At the time the second company offered them the news 4 weeks had gone by and our client only had a week to take delivery of the boxes in order to meet their deadline.

Realizing the urgency and the lack of any room for error, we planned a test run of a 100 cartons. At no charge to our client we manufactured a die. We were aware that the difficulty would be in the gluing and although we were confident that our machinery would be able to do the job we did not want to take any chances and jeopardize our client’s standing with Revlon.

The test run went without a hitch and we accepted the order for 2,000,000 cartons which we delivered on time and on spec. Our client was able to satisfy Revlon and we have been delivering cartons on a monthly basis for over a year. The campaign has been so successful that per our clients instructions we have exported these boxes to Europe as well.

IPC helps eliminate damage at Data Exchange Products in Camarillo.

Data Exchange is one of the largest companies involved in the repair of electronics. Large manufacturers of data equipment contract them to do warranty repairs on equipment sold to consumers.

Data Exchange contacted us to develop a solution to the excessive rate product damage they were experiencing during shipment. Imperial Paper did a thorough analysis of their processes and material they were using at the time.

Their products were being shipped in foam end caps which were bulky, occupied a lot of space, and were specific to a few items. Because of the large variety of products that were going through Data Exchange and the fragile nature of these products, we recommended that a product be used which could be utilized for many different items. The new product would have to perform extremely well in drop tests as to substantially reduce or eliminate current levels of damage.

The solution that we ultimately recommended accomplished this goal. We designed a packaging scheme using a product called Storopads. Performed drop tests on a multitude of their products packaged with our method and confirmed that the rate of damage would be substantially reduced if not completely eliminated. This scheme would also replace 45 SKU’s with only 5 because similar sized products would now be packe in the same package.

The results were dramatic. Damage rates went from 26% to 0%. Cost of packaging per package went down by 55%. By receiving daily deliveries they freed up tens of thousands of square feet of space. The number of SKU’s was reduced to 5 from 45.

IPC helps Proctor and Gamble division save 20% on annual freight costs.

This company has been a long term client of Imperial Paper’s. We have developed many Point of Purchase displays, counter displays and general packages through the years.

This client‘s purchasing department is in Southern California but operates warehouses nationwide. As their sole packaging vendor, Imperial Paper Company provides packaging to all their warehouses. Using our efficient network we produce boxes locally at extremely competitive prices and deliver without charging for freight.

Noxzema also ships truck loads of product to warehouse stores nationwide so at their request Imperial Paper provides a volume optimization study with all the shipping containers we provide. With this service the customers communicates their needs as far as what needs to be packed and the put up, and with our specialized software program we determine the optimum scheme which will minimize dead space, allowing our client to fit more product on each pallet and therefore in each container.

According to the client, they have been able to realize a 15% to 20% reduction in their freight charges as a direct result of this service

Our Mission

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide high quality packaging products and services through fair and ethical business practices. We exist to provide the highest level of satisfaction for our customers, employees and their families. We seek to be an indispensable resource to our clients by delivering unbeatable value, the most favorable combination of superior service, excellent quality and competitive pricing.

Our Approach

Our Approach

We make available our expertise in the fields of package engineering, graphics design, printing, waste management, logistics and sales to our clients with the goal of improving their bottom line, in effect becoming an extension of their companies. We view ourselves as partners in our clients’ growth and success.

Imperial Paper Company is a family run business which emphasizes a team concept in its operation. Each member of the team is an expert in his or her field and therefore highly valuable and an integral part of the success of the company.

Our Facilities

Our Facilities

Imperial Paper has access to the newest and latest technologies. We carefully select our partners based on the mix of machinery and location and create a virtual factory which is by far more efficient than any single plant. We insure that each particular job is run on the proper machinery and in the right location, providing the best quality of product on time and at competitive prices.